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Top 3 Ways To Safeguard Your Bike By Locks In 2016

If you’re going to ride your bike and leave it on the streets, you’ll need a bike lock. But not just any bike lock – a reliable and safe one. When it comes to buying a new bike lock, you have to choose wisely. Otherwise, your bike will be stolen.


There are a few things to consider when choosing a bike lock such as weight, size, length, durability of the lock system and ability to lock more than one bike. We’ve selected reliable and affordable bikes locks for a top list to help you choose the best bike lock available, and prevent your bike from being stolen.

1. Master Lock 78DPF Looped Cable

Master Lock 78DPF Looped Cable is a 6 feet long and 3/8 inch diameter cable. The cable is very thick and scratching-free thanks to its durable smoke vinyl coating.

The cable’s wire is made of braided steel which offers a great deal of strength and flexibility. It is also rusting resistant, which is really great when you leave your bike (and therefore, bike lock) when it’s raining outside.

Using this lock with mini U-Locks or solid steel locks is highly recommended as it will provide 100% guarantee your bicycle won’t be stolen. When combined with a U-Lock it looks very intimidating to thieves.

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2. Illumilock Bike Lock

This quick and ease of access Illumilock Bike Lock equipped with LED light will protect your bike in all the conditions as it is pick and drill resistant as well as water proof and shock resistant.

It is made of military grade braided steel and allows you to watch in the dark with its bright LED display. It is also great as Illumilock offers you a lifetime guarantee and fits all bikes.

The numbers on the cable’s tumbler have good contrast of white and blue colors, which allows you to read them easily in both daylight and at night.

This stainless cable is 3.5 foot long and offers up to 650 pound of pull strength. The cable also has a clip which offers you to attach it to your frame instead of carrying it in your backpack, basket or what have you. Overall, it’s a stylish, solid and heavy duty lock.

3. Xtreme Bright Illumilock Blade Bike U-Lock

XTREME BRIGHT ILLUMILOCK BLADE is yet another lock equipped with LED light system. Although this time it’s a U-Lock. This bike is very secure and easy in handling.

The U-Lock is very lightweight and looks cool. Its light can be attached as front and rear lights to allow you to see and be seen at night. Furthermore, it’s easy to fit and you don’t have to carry any tools to attach it.

The lock is really well-built and will keep your bike safe. Another useful feature of the lock is that you can remove the key only after you attached the clamp. And that’s a great thing since there’s always a high chance of you dropping the key in the dark while locking / unlocking your bike.