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Natural Hair Tips for All Hair Types

Today, only a few men and women know the goodness of growing natural human hair. Natural hair has never been an easy task. Therefore, you need to be knowledgeable for you to get great results. During transition, there are several things you must have in mind.

Natural Hair Tips for All Hair Tips

Pre Poo

Before shampooing the hair, it needs to be moisturized. Natural oils and moisture are not stripped off. With proper research, you will find products that are cheap yet they still work fine. To pre poo, you may use a rinse-out conditioner or olive oil. The amount used varies from person to person. Rinse out after about 30 minutes.

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

Apple cider vinegar is known to clarify. It also helps detangle natural locks, locks in moisture, removes environmental residue and any buildup in the hair. This rinse also tends to kill the bacteria associated with dandruff. The rinse is used before or after shampooing. Massage in just one part organic apple cider vinegar and one part water into the scalp and leave on for half an hour. This is followed with a cold water rinse. Use it only once a week and ensure it is dilute because too much of this rinse contributes to dryness causing further damage.

Cold Water Rinse

Use of warm water tends to open the hair cuticle. It is recommended you use cold water during the final rinse. This is aimed at closing the cuticle, leaving a finish that is both smooth and shiny.


By use of conditioners, you are able to comb through your hair instead of combing the outside perimeter only. When conditioners are not combed through the hair, breakage is likely to occur due to knots, matting and tangling.

No Sulfates

One of the harsh chemicals that cause hair damage is sulfates. This causes damage, dryness and breakage. Before buying shampoos, pay special attention to the ingredients used and avoid those containing sulfates.


It is important for you to clarify the hair as often as needed or every 4-6 weeks. Considering that most natural hair care products are creamy and thick, when used every day, a build up is likely to be caused. When the hair has some buildup, it becomes dull and tends to break. Invest in a good hydrating shampoo because it will add moisture to the hair.

Hair Styling

If wearing extensions or braids, there should be no tension especially around the hairline. Pulling and tugging around the edges lead to bald spots and breakage.

The above tips are simple and are not financially draining for you to receive the desired results. You also need to be careful because the market has many hair care products from companies that promise unbelievable results. Most of these products are very expensive yet some will just cause more damage to your hair.

Different Medical Conditions That Cause Sore Throat

Sore throat is when there is pain in the back of your throat. Sometime such pain can be too severe and it can become worse when someone swallows. There are many people who have sore throat who refuse to drink or to eat anything. The pain can reach in the ear because of the affected nerves. The causes of the sore throat are tonsillopharyngitis but some rare but serious cases are epiglottitis or abscess.
sore throat


Tonsillopharyngitis is the infection of the throat and tonsils. The doctor may use term tonsillitis if the tonsils had been inflamed or the pharyngitis if the tonsils were not inflamed or when people who do not have the tonsillitis suffer sore throat. Tonsillopharyngitis is normally caused by the virus and one of these viruses is the one that causes common cold. Many types of the cold start with mild sore throat and less common viral cause is the acute mononucleosis which is common in young adults or children. Even if it is rare, the sore throat can be an infection that goes hand in hand with human immunodefiency virus or HIV.

Strep throat

At least 10 percent of the people who suffer the sore throat, it is the result of the Streptococcus bacteria. Such infection is normally called strep throat and it is not common in the children who are under 2 years. Other bacteria that may cause sore throat are diphtheria and gonorrhea.


Abscess is the collection of the pus and it can stat under the tonsils. The normal cause is the streptococcal infection which spread away from the tonsils to reach in deeper tissue. In the young children, the abscess may form within the tissue or at the back of the throat.


Epiglottis is the small flap of the tissue that closes on the entrance of windpipe or voice box while swallowing. The epiglottis can be infected by some bacteria and the infection can cause swelling and severe pain. The swelling may close completely the windpipe in children or infants. Before the epiglottitis was only taking place in young children because of haemophilus influenzae type B bacteria. Since many children are now vaccinated, they do not suffer the epiglottis anymore and many cases are found with adults.

When to see a doctor

Whenever someone suffers a sore throat, it is not a must that he sees a doctor right away. The patient should seek an immediate medical attention if he makes the squeaking sound, difficulty in breathing, drooling, having a muffled voice and having a bullet in the back of a throat.

Whenever you have any warning sign, you have to go to hospital at once. People who suffer mild cases may stay at home and they can use home remedies or over-the-counter remedies. People who have other symptoms such as productive cough, extreme fatigue or fever should see the doctor at once.